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The Irish American Heritage Center

4626 N Knox Ave.

The Irish American Heritage Center has been the hub for teaching Chicagoans traditional Irish music and dancing since 1985. At the time of its construction, the city’s large Irish and Irish-American populations sprawled across different neighborhoods and leaders in the communities wanted to have a central space for cultural and educational activities. So the center’s founders and several volunteers transformed this abandoned 86,000-square foot former school building into a vibrant hub complete with a state-of-the art theater, ballroom, museum, library and authentic pubs. Funds were raised through donations and Taste Of Ireland events held throughout the city. Nowadays, students are taught historical Irish folks songs, instruments and step dancing while Irish artists from around the world perform here regularly. Some of the performers based at the center include The Irish Heritage Singers choir, who perform folkloric and popular tunes that connect the city with Ireland.

– A.C. 

Caption: The Irish American Heritage Center

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