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New Apartment Lounge

504 E 75th St.

Tenor saxophone legend Von Freeman began running a Tuesday night jam session at the New Apartment Lounge in 1982. Freeman chose this spot because it was near his home and for more than 25 years it drew in audiences from around the world to hear his singular tone and mastery of swing and bop. But Freeman also used this weekly series to help guide and nurture young jazz talent in this city who were invited to join his quartet to improvise on its small stage. These musicians included trumpeter Maurice Brown and saxophonist Greg Ward. This was his way of paying back a community that nurtured him when he was a rising player. Members of his regular quartet, including guitarist Michael Allemana and drummer Michael Raynor became accomplished leaders themselves. Freeman continued playing at the New Apartment until 2011, shortly before his death the following year at the age of 89.

– A.C. 

Caption: Former location of New Apartment Lounge. 

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