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Curtom Records

8543 S Stony Island Ave.

When singer/songwriter/guitarist Curtis Mayfield began his career in music, he also set out to control his own destiny. Along with his manager Eddie Thomas, this meant forming an independent publishing company, Curtom, and that combination of their own names signified their partnership. They also established Curtom Records in 1968 and initially set up their operations in this building. His group, The Impressions, released its first album on the label, This Is My Country, in 1968. Curtom also signed up other artists, especially emerging voices with ties to Chicago. These included Donny Hathaway, The Five Stairsteps and Baby Huey & The Babysitters. Mayfield remained active in these artists’ creativity after signing to his company, including writing and producing many of their songs. By 1972, Thomas had left the company and Mayfield and business partner Marv Heiman had moved Curtom to 5915 N. Lincoln Ave., where it operated for the remainder of the decade.

– A.C. 

Caption: Former location of Curtom Records.

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